Pilot post?

It’s like a tv pilot, but even less people care about it.

So sz decided he was going to make a blog and I am going to blog with him.  He’ll get bored of it in like two days though, and I’ll take like three.  So basically I guess I am supposed to talk about my day or something?

Woke up today to hear that the water was off.  I had to pee, but I just didn’t flush.  It kind of sucked.  Then I poured a bowl of cheerios.  And there was no milk.  I was sad.  So I went downstairs and logged onto WoW.  My sister and some guildmates were on, we talked and she gave me the idea of using the soy milk we had.  I decided to brave it and it wasn’t actually that bad.  It even did taste a little bit like vanilla (it’s vanilla soy milk?).  I tried to train my alchemy, fishing, and cooking, but I got bored and logged off.

I then decided to go play some Guitar Hero II.  I failed at Get Ready 2 Rokk and was sad, and then passed Mirislow or whatever.  It kind of hurt though.   Then I put in Guitar Hero III and played Cliffs of Dover because it’s really fun and then did Through the Fire and Flames in training mode out of boredom.  It was really hard what the heck.  I then quit.

After this I decided to go play some Pangya.  After failing at Deep Inferno I did Ice Spa.  I did okay.  On the second to last hole my internet died and I dced.  Then I did Ice Cannon.  Eight holes in my internet died.  At this point I was playing around in MBAC trying to do some cool original combo with V.Akiha and just came up with some old CMV stuff that everybody already knew.  5C 4C 2C 623C 22B land 2A 5BB IAD dj.BC.  It sets up a reverse pit with them in it.  A reverse pit, when activated, moves them towards you.  It’s nice.  I’ve never seen this before, but apparently everybody else has.

Then I played a Blue Lagoon 18 hole, it went okay, then I did a Shining Sand 18 hole.  After that tourney, I windowed out while waiting for the time to finish and Pangya crashed and I wasted 33 minutes.  I was mad.

Since then I haven’t done much.  I watched National Treasure, which was actually pretty cool, went to Dominicks with dad in the Corvette for little reason, made some peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses in them, and kind of went back downstairs and talked about IRC.  I got irritated with people for not giving Idolmaster Xenoglossia any form of a chance.  But that’s not important.  And around then I made this blog.  Oh, for a while I was looking at random nerdy things on thinkgeek to laugh about.  I very well might buy a shirt though.  Rays do come off of my shirt very quickly.  In fact, I’d say at the speed of light.  That’s a lot of meters per seconds, you know.  Like, seriously.

Anyways I’m tired as hell.  sz’s life is more interesting anyways.


2 Responses to “Pilot post?”

  1. szpk Says:

    I admire your tight grip on reality.

    And this only applies to the last sentence.

  2. sibladeko Says:

    You will both fail miserably in this endeavor, I expected you both to abandon these within a year!

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