Episode 2

I guess this is where I start introducing conflict and characters but that doesn’t happen in my life, sorry, unless Comcast is the criminal.

Basically today I sat around and played a lot of pangya and ate food.  It’s a sad life.  Oh, so in our backyard, we have this huge butt robin that will uh like actually divebomb you if you walk to the corner of our deck.  We investiaged a little and found it’s nest, not with eggs, but with baby robins.  It’s so adorable~  Sucks the robin is HUGE and DIVEBOMBS you.  It’s awesomely freaky.

Since it’s father’s day, we got awesome pizza for dinner tonight.  It was quite awesome and made me rather happy.

I played some MBAC today and rather enjoyed it rather than got frustrated.  I did this awesome idea where I tried to beat a Nero 4C clash with Wara 236C and it failed miserably.  It was a horrible idea.  I want to try with Warc summon next time.  623C is too simple of a solution.  I wonder how 623A would do…  Probably not well.  Anyways, that was fun.

I played some Akatsuki Blitzkampf today.  It’s hard to rush in that game.  It’s also hard to get out of being rushed.  I’m not quite sure what I”m supposed to be doing yet.  Fun though.

I got a lot better at pangya today.  teruterubouzu is kind of amazed at how much better I got, I pretty much matched him shot for shot on Sepia Wind just now and basically didn’t make dumb mistakes, though there were a few.  A few…

I had been planning on doing a summer chamber music thing, but it sounds like I probably won’t be able to do that, because it would interfere rather nastily with our vacation, which kind of sucks.  Makes me a little bit disappointed but not too much.  Vacation will be exciting becuase it’s like the week before orientation and if you weren’t aware the only place I vacation in is the upper peninsula of Michigan (also known as the UP (read as You Pee)) and that is also where I am going to college at the ever awesome Michigan Technological University so I can be awesomer at this physics stuff.  But that’s not important yet.  Maybe when I’m like 4 years older and either going into teaching or going to grad school so I can become a professor.  Whichever happens.  Gotta figure out…

Class on Tuesday, I’ll fill you in on that more tomorrow.



One Response to “Episode 2”

  1. sibladeko Says:

    The way to beat Nero 4C is block -> dash.

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