Episode 3

This is where things start to take two episodes to explain!  It’s awesome.

Woke up and played more Pangya to finish up the World Tour event.  Got screwed over by interent a few times, but it wasn’t bad.  Got Max’s swimsuit.  What a waste.  Did get an HIO on Shining Sand though.

I played a lot of MBAC today.  I was doing a little better than usual, and tried some new stuff, but it turns out it doesn’t work well.  Wow, nobody was online today so I really basically did nothing.

Anyways, my multiple episode dealio involves the pangya games I played today and some other stuff.  I was talking to somebody who was convinced that having a high rank on Pangya means you have no life.  This idea is hilarious but bear with me.  At some point I mentioned to him since he was under the impression I do nothing but sit and play Pangya all day (this a silly impression but whatever) so I explained that two days after graduating high school I signed up for a summer class.  Which I did, so yeah, I’m signed up for a summer class.  This was hilarious because apparently the only way to have a life over the summer is to go to the beach every day.  Oh, and also, apparently saying your mom after everything is epic dissing.  He also called me a stalker.  I have no idea where that came from.

I’ll explain more about the class tomorrow after class.  It’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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