4th Post!

It’s like a miracle, I’ve made four regular posts now.

Played more Pangya today.  Not as much though.  It wasn’t quite as fun as it has been, nobody was talking in the tourneys.  I ran a decent run on Ice Spa, I got -20, I was happy.  I think I am going to get back into playing IaMP, it’s such a fun game.

Today I had to drop the chamber orchestra program I was rather hoping to do this summer.  Scheduling and older sisters can suck or something like that, I guess.  I am mildly irritated about this actually but I have been expecting it for two days so it’s not too bad.

Class was pretty fun today.  I’m taking Linear Algebra at the local community college (did I mention this last post?  I might’ve).  Right now, we’re covering material I know, it’s kind of silly and pointless but whatever, it’s what the class starts with.  I have friends in the class so I just sit in the back and talk with them, because they also know this stuff.  Somebody asked me if I just graduated high school, apparently my picture was online or something and they saw it and recognized me from my graduation.  They confirmed it was me because I was wearing so many medals, and my highest honors ribbon.  Oh high school, you’re too easy~  I wonder what would’ve happened if I actually tried freshman through junior year.  I think I would’ve actually done really well in math team.  Like, really, really well.

I didn’t though.

I don’t really regret it though because I figured out what i could do when I tried senior year (which was essentially convince everybody else in the school they were dumb compared to me which is an oddly satisfying feeling).

Today has been boring though.  After class I talked to my professor about jacobians and how they relate to what we’re doing right now.  I almost had a breakthrough and am going to play with some math next time I am in class to see if I really did just figure out something or not.

All of my friends are on vacation, I wish I could hang out with them.


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