I had some idea for a post here but it’s totally lost so I am just going to rant about something.

I get migraines.  A lot.  I tend to get them in groups, like 4 or 5 in 7 days.  Each of those days, I wake up, and I can’t see.

First of all, you have no idea what that means.  First, go stare at the sun, and look at that spot on your vision.  Now, make it stop moving around like they tend to drift, and then make it start flashing, imagine like old school theater lights constantly flashing in your vision.  And this thing blocks everything.  Now lose your peripheral vision too.  Add some colors to the flashing!  You CAN’T ignore this.  You close your eyes, and all that does it make it clear on black.  You try to look away and it’s still there in the exact same spot.  You have no idea until you have had this how horrible this is.  It is disgusting and nearly makes me naseous.

And now the wonderfully scary part comes.  Sometimes my head barely hurts, and only for like thirty minutes.  Those are wonderful and lucky and I wish I always got those.  Becuase then I get my five hour long “my head is on fire” ones.  See, a lot of the time if something hurts really bad, to the point where you have trouble dealing with the pain, you go take medicine or something.  Painkillers can help, especially with muscle soreness.  Those don’t do anything for me when I have a migraine.  So if it gets to a point where I can’t deal with the pain, I get to deal with it anyways.  For five hours!  Because it hurts far too bad for me to possibly fall asleep.  Keep in mind the vision spots sometimes show up again in these five hour wonderful headaches.  I did once show up on AIM and start messaging everybody who was on basically “My head hurts really bad, it hurts, it hurts, my head hurts so much.” over and over.  Did I mention that during this entire phase I am generally freezing for no reason and occasionally nearly puke for absolutely no reason?  I really enjoy that part.

Oh, then comes my favorite part: Nausea!  During this entire period, I feel so nasty I don’t eat anything.  So what happens then is I get to randomly go sit over a toilet choking for a few minutes and maybe I’ll puke up nothing and maybe my stomach will just feel like it flipped a few times.  This hurts extremely bad and is much worse than actually puking.  And then after that my head just feels like there is a knife in it for the rest of the day, and in particular if I shake my head it hurts really bad again and sometimes the headache just flat out comes back for no reason.

Funny story, once I had a migraine during school, a really nasty one.  My parents weren’t home so I sat at school for four periods where I just dealt with it.  It was a REALLY bad one.  Fun fact: I don’t remember that day.  We learned something to do with DNA mapping in Bio but I didn’t remember that, We played a new piece in orchestra and the next time we played it I didn’t recognize it, I sat around at lunch doing nothing, and we watched a movie in Social Science and to this day I have absolutely no idea what it was on.  I have no idea why I don’t remember anything from that day, and it actually kind of scares me.

Rant over, sorry my life is boring to read about lol.


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