I asked for a topic to write about, and got “the connection between memory and identity.”

First off, I feel identity is almost entirely memory based.  If you were to awake with another person’s memories, you would feel “my body has changed” much sooner than “my memory has changed.”  It’s much easier to believe something is wrong with your body than your memories, I feel.  Who knows.

So my prompt was basically “If you were to awaken tomorrow with Al Gore’s memories, what would your reaction be, before even realizing your room is different?”  I’m not sure there would be one.  I do feel that one very very interesting result of this could occur though:  Imagine trying to walk, and realizing your legs are three inches longer.  Isn’t that really cool and weird to think about?  Or your arms are longer, and whenever you reach for anything, you hit it.  Seriously, that’s awesome to think about.  sz tried to get me on the thought process of “what about hormones.”  Obviously, some people are naturally more aggressive than others.  I believe a lot of this is probably hormonal yeah.  However, I don’t think I could think of anything to respond to this, sorry.

Okay essentially this isn’t working.  What I think is this though.  My body is my body, sure.  And I have memories that support this.  If I had no memories to support this, I would be very disconnected from my body.  “What’s with this body anyways?  Why am I in it rather than my own.  I don’t remember this body, what the heck.  That’s not right.  Why aren’t my limbs the right length?  Why am I a different height?  What if I don’t go back?”  Something like that.  How can you connect to something that you’re stuck with that you are used to being the same thing you remember for years, and suddenly it’s something different?

Give me an easier to write about topic next time, sz.


One Response to “Something”

  1. sz Says:

    To “However, I don’t think I could think of anything to respond to this, sorry.”:

    That’s why I told you you should write about this! Give me a reasonable response or you will suffer, mister.

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