Still Boring

Life is still boring.

I finished up driving with my instructor today.  Yay.  Now I can eventually get my driver’s license, isn’t that nice.

I’ve been playing SFIV a lot recently.  I play Cammy.  I know she sucks.  I don’t care.  She’s still cool.  CANNON STRIKE etc.

I read through NISIOISIN’s story in Faust volume 2.  It was really awesome.  NISIOISIN is really awesome, seriously.  Like wow.  I might transcribe it at some point so people can read it.

I’m going mini golfing on Saturday!  I just set up the facebook event and everything.  The category?  A club party!  Ahaha.

Anyways maybe soon I will come up with something to long blog post about, but not tonight.  Enjoy.


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