Good day!

Whee, I had an awesome day today.

Gave a presentation on an essay in my English class today, that went well.  When the class was asked to give advice on my presentation, they sat for a bit… and then somebody gave me thumbs up and another told me it was good, but apparently I talk a bit fast.  Yay.

Anyways, during chem, I actually slept through an iClicker question.  I woke up to a girl from social dance club going “Ben, Ben, you need to stay awake!”  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Stayed awake then, though, haha.  It was so funny though.

At the start of math/physics, the professor was late as always, and some of us were joking about every day she’s late, we get to skip a quiz.  I said something about adding them up for the exam, since I don’t really need to skip quizzes, and somebody not in the conversation randomly was like “You know, you should think about the freshman part of your nickname more.”  Later he stopped me after class and said some stuff about “teaching yourself math and physics being rare” and something about everybody else thinking I probably don’t need to work as hard as they do.  He ended with saying “you are a freshman, and I need to keep you from getting beat up” so apparently what I had said was a bit over the top.  I don’t fully know if I was lectured or complimented, but I’m happy that at least somebody acknowledged the fact it was work in order to get here.

Good day, tomorrow promises to be good, save for the fact I’m getting sick or something.


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