Being boring.

I think I’m onto something.  Have you ever noticed I really dislike people online calling themselves boring?  It’s odd, but I think I’ve discovered one of my biggest fears: being boring.

Now this is weird, because honestly I don’t give the slightest bit of a care if random people think I’m interesting or not, but for some reason the thought of being a boring person (note how I don’t use the word ordinary or average, they are very different things) scares me.  I wonder why.

I’ve noticed that when I’m out with friends doing mini golf or something, I climb on stuff, I run around the place, skip stairs, and all sorts of stuff.  It’s a little odd, I don’t normally do that.  I think part of the reason I liveblog online so much (I apologize for this, if I get on your nerves, PLEASE tell me to stop, and I will) because it’s like a shotgun approach: I’m basically spamming stuff until somebody finds something interesting (plus dancing is a lot of fun).

Odd, a little quirk of mine.  I don’t mind being ordinary, I try not to be ordinary in many ways, but I know I’m going to be ordinary in many ways, there’s very little you can do about that as a person.  But being boring scares me, and I don’t think any of you are boring and I would hope you don’t call yourself boring.  Sana, you are hardly a boring person.  Not even sure if I can say the word average, but you are by no means boring, and I don’t think you truly want to be boring, just so you know~

But this is interesting, I do think this is why it bother me when people say they think they are boring and worry about it.  You aren’t.


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