Forgive me, I’ve rambled about this a lot, but I had a lot of fun, so I shall blog my night so I will never forget <3.

Started out at around 3, where my roommate had bugged a girl about curling my hair, and she came to curl it.  Took about 40 minutes, worked out decently well.  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v514/Benny1/halloween/100_0106.jpg is the picture.  Ate dinner, then got dressed up.  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v514/Benny1/halloween/100_0110.jpg says it all.

Ran down to get a ride around 6:20, got there and just chatted with the people already there.  Spun some, gave some people little dance routines, and practiced moonwalking.  Eventually it was time for tango lessons, that went really well actually.  I figured out a lot about why the frame is important and though I had trouble with a move I didn’t get quite right, eventually i got that and I was doing pretty well.  Yay.

After that was dinner.  Was mad awesome, some chicken + like peanut sauce pasta or something, it was so good.  Head upstairs, and the band starts playing, and lo and behold, the first song was a great song for some lindy hop, so I got to lindy hop a song ❤

Pretty much spent the rest of the night dancing, helped with dishes a little at some point, and the night passed pretty quick, until the costume contest.  I had been practicing moonwalking the entire night, and I had sort of gotten it, but when I “strut my stuff,” as they said, I walk up, build up courage for a second (I had some shame at that point), start singing the chorus from Thriller, spin, and do a crotch grab.  After walking back, some people complain that I didn’t moonwalk, and they had seen me practicing, so I go out again and try to moonwalk.  Everybody was pretty happy with it, so it must’ve looked decent.  After all that was done (I lost to Michael Phelps and that main character from Avatar), I was on door watching duty, the guy who was doing dance lessons was leaving and said it was a nice moonwalk, so man, I don’t care, I got complimented by a dance instructor on my moonwalk.  This has been an awesome night, but I have no shame anymore.  Oh well.

I’m just reallllly happy :3


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