Weird dream

So I took a nap today and I had an absolutely bizzare dream during it.  Sorry, this is a dream entry D:

So it starts out with me watching something on youtube.  It turns out it’s a surreal piece in two parts.  The first part is as this (In the dream, it was like I was experiencing this)

I am standing outside of some fast food place, looking off into the distance, where there is a car, some trees, and some people, I’m using binoculars or something.  Suddenly they start shooting at the car, which is in the same direction as me, so I start running off to the right and suddenly there is a crowd of people walking towards me, all guys in black suits with hats, looking down, completely ignoring the gunshots and the fact I’m there.  This is totally bizzare.

In the second part, I am at my house, and something knocks on the door, and I open it, and it’s some creature sort of like a human sized version of the Hulk, which leads to an odd chase around the house.  At some point I somehow end up on the roof without anyway down.  At this point I’m just sitting there wondering what to do, and the movie ends there.

Short little segments, but man, it was weird.

Later in the dream, I’m going to one of my dance club meetings, except it’s at something resembling my high school.  I climb the hill to get into the parking lot of my high school, with my older sister and some of her friends.  At one end of the parking lot, which we need to go through to get to the school, there’s a large hill, which normally isn’t there.  So I am walking up it with her friends when suddenly my sister comes by in like a one person taxi thing, totally making us all go “where did that come from.”  So when we get to the building, we have to go through like some track and field gym where there is a lot of stuff from pole vaults set up.  I touch the pole and somebody yells at me, so I move on.  When I get to the dance room… it’s like, a bedroom or something.  There’s a pretty big (carpeted) floor section, and then a loft bed, but we were all on the loft bed just chilling, not dancing.  Eventually we leave and somebody hits me with their shoe and grabs my shoes and refuses to give them back.  I think I might’ve hit him at some point for ??? reason.  That hurt D:

That’s all I remember.  Ridiculously surreal.


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