Have you noticed I’ve been in a good mood recently?  It’s Winter \o/

I am a little kid when it comes to winter.  There is snow on the ground and in the air, and it makes me so happy.  Something about winter makes me really nostalgic, and I love feeling nostalgic.  Like, last night I was walking under a street light while it snowed, and it was lightly snowing with very little wind.  The way you can see every single flake of snow in the light as it falls is spectacular.  Be it not for the fact I would look like a retard, I would have probably just stood there staring for five minutes.  Anyways, the next best part about Winter is the cold.  Now, this sounds weird, but let me justify.  When it’s cold outside, suddenly going inside to a warm room, or better yet, a fireplace, is heavenly.  This is a feeling you simply cannot experience during Summer.  This is why cold is good, seriously guys!  Also it’s not cold until it’s below zero, shut up.

I’m enjoying listening to my music more than ever, too.  Sky Dream is still basically the greatest staff roll in the history of ever, and so on.  I am in such a wonderful mood that it’s hard to find something I won’t enjoy right now, and i love it ❤
I love Winter ❤


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